The Team

At four members and growing, we’re a synergistic bunch of like-minded individuals brought together by a passion for boldly re-imagined interiors, whatever their size, shape, or purpose.


We’re committed to working closely, with each other, with our brand partners, and most of all with you, our clients.

Judith Mackin

``As a child, every Saturday morning I'd lock myself in my bedroom, re-arrange all the furnishings and toys, then pass out a score sheet to my parents, who would dutifully assign me a mark in the various categories (Is the arrangement of board games too linear?). Thus was my passion for interior design lovingly fostered. Not much has changed. Only now I do it for clients and I have a store full of lovely things from which we both can choose. ``

Heather Anderson

``After nearly a decade on the West Coast, I recently moved back to Saint John. I've observed so many positive changes in the city and am thrilled to have found my place in it as a member of the Tuck team. As a furniture and interior design enthusiast, I’m anxious to help people bring style and function into their homes and lives. Oh, and I am still an aspiring dog owner, so, in the meantime, I hope you don't mind me cuddling yours!``

Alexandra Moore

``Saint John is bursting with inspiration in places you'd never expect to see it. I'm so proud to be a part of this city and the amazing community that lives within it, and I'm especially excited to be a part of the Tuck team. I can't wait to be a part of your transformations. Although I must admit, I'm a heavy drinker... of coffee.``

Craig Morris

``After working in the fashion industry for over 15yrs, and moving back to Saint John with my family; I have grown far more interested in my surrounding environments than the clothes on my back. So this move to Tuck feels like a natural progression. I spend a lot of my free time scouring for new and old music. My daughter has incredible rhythm; I am constantly in awe of her ability to recognize a good beat. To me, a well-designed space should always have a well-curated soundtrack to match.``

Our BC Office:

Joshua Hayes

``Originally from Saint John, I studied Interior Decorating in Ottawa then came back the Port City to pursue my career. Before coming to Tuck, I worked at any number of retail stores, including the EQ3 outlet in Ottawa. What those adventures in retail taught me, among other things, is that I like people. Almost as much as I love design. Oh, and Great Danes!``

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