23 Feb Tuck collaborates with JD Irving, bringing Rustic Accent Pine Barn Board to market!

We were asked to collaborate with JD Irving to produce a ‘temporary’ contemporary living room design to show off their new Rustic Accent Pine Barn Board in a domestic setting. The two-day project highlighted the locally-produced pine board and the many creative ways it can be used. 

The project staged in front of what had been a simple white wall, painted with Benjamin Moore’s Oxford White in our previous  TUCK location at our home here in the North End!  Of course partnering with TUCK meant that we also had an opportunity to feature many of our own furnishings, lightings and decor.   All set design by Judith Mackin / Tuck Studio (product above from left to right (all available through TUCK:  Gus* Modern Wilson Side table, Pug Lamp (EQ3) ,Gus Modern Davenport Sectional, nest cushion and three other cushions by Lori Harrison, Gus* Modern Hull Coffee table, Umbra Shift Cowboy Coffee Kettle and sediment cups, Umbra Hub Ladder and Klippan Blanket, Lighting Vita Coppenhagen, rug EQ3.)


This project features the two sizes of barn board available, 1 x 8 x 12 and 1 x 4 x 12, in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Take a look below at how each arrangement transformed the once white wall.  

1 x 8 x 12 – Horizontal


1 x 8 x 12 – Vertical



1 x 4 x 12 – Horizontal


1 x 8 x 12 + 1 x 4 x 12 – Horizontal Combination


Apart from wall covering, the barn board can be used in other ways around your home!  On the second day of the project, we took some inspiration shots just to show how creative you can be.  All photography by Jennifer Irving.

A dining table


A bed


A mirror


Scout and Macey made an appearance modelling a dog bed!



The barnboard is now available at local Home Depot locations, so you can pick some up for yourself and invent your own fun project.

See the Home Depot flyer here. Take a look online! 


Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 12.38.20 PM


This project was a fun way to show off a beautiful, locally produced product. In Doaktown, New Brunswick, five new employment opportunities have been created and more are likely to come with company growth. To find our more about the project and the Rustic Accent Pine Barn Board, check out a recent press release here.  It was such a pleasure working with the JD Irving team and we thank them for the opportunity! 

The team 

From left to right:
Brett Anderson  – (Key Accounts + Merchandising Manager J. D. Irving, Limited Sawmills Division )
Ivan Pratt  –  (Quality Control Coordinator – White Pine Division, Doaktown, NB )
Lloyd MacFarlane  – (Site Manager – White Pine Division, Doaktown, NB )
Russell Robichaud –  (Team Leader Sawmill – White Pine Division, Doaktown, NB)
Matthew Arbeau  –  (Filer– White Pine Division, Doaktown, NB)

Jennifer Irving (Photographer)



Check out the full gallery of the project:

  • Nancy Patterson

    Beautiful designs and love the many uses of the pine board….is it possible to use this as flooring and if so , where can it be purchased….I especially like the width represented in the design…the look is retro with a very modern spin.

    • Nancy, I think if you were to use it for flooring you’d have to put a very strong laquer on it as you’d want to be able to wipe them/clean them. I’m likely not the correct person to ask as I’m not the rep for the product, but if you email me judith@tuckstudio.ca I’ll ensure you get the answers you need! Thank you! All the best, Judith

  • Jack Hill

    What a cool product. I certainly hope that it will be well received. Who says New Brunswick doesn’t have interesting things to see, examine, buy and admire. Besides I have always admired your staff at Tuck too.

  • Jack Hill

    Me again. That’s a good picture of Tuck’s new door in the TJ today. I suppose it will be repeated tomorrow as the TJ does with so many of its stories. So if you missed it today look for tomorrow’s edition.

  • Jack Hill

    Sorry to see the damage done to Tuck Interiors’s outside renovation. Some truck driver didn’t look where H/She was going I guess. Such a lovely entrance doesn’t deserve that treatment nor does its lovely proprietor.

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