30 Mar Proud as PUNCH: a round-up of client projects!

To say the last few weeks have been busy would be a mild understatement!

But, busy-ness aside I thought I’d offer a brief update on a few projects I’ve been involved with of late!


1.  Opera Bistro is officially ‘re-deisgned’.  Please drop in for lunch or dinner and take a peek.  Hemmings House Pictures will be meeting us on Tuesday morning to take some pictures; look out for a two-part series to be posted on HGTV.ca within the next two weeks.

In addition,  Marget, Axel and I are collaborating on a special ‘Wine/Dine & Design’ event:  you and your friends are invited to join us on Saturday, April 21st for a three-course lunch followed by a presentation on restaurant design on a small budget, which will include tricks and tips for projects you can do yourself at home.  And of course we’ll be explaining the thinking and the materials that went into Opera’s design. (see invite three images down!)

I leave you with two customer-taken pictures friends emailed to me, before the ‘professional’ pics come out on HGTV.ca.

Photo: Monica Adair. Hugo Kingston Kopp being held by his Nana, Leticia Adair, making friends with the ‘punch pig’ which Marget insists needs a proper name. Any suggestions?

Photos: Barb Crawford – Barb’s vignettes of what stood out to her.

Oh – and here is the invite I was telling you about:  Book early – limited tickets available.


2. YOGA HAUS will be opening its doors to friends, family, past and future clients — essentially anyone anxious to see their new Yoga space! Stephanie Downey and Jason McLean (as well as their parents!) have been working around the clock over the last month or so to turn a used furniture store into a brand new Yoga space for the greater Saint John Area to enjoy.

Speaking of “enjoy,” I had such an amazing time collaborating with Jason and Stephanie on this design. I’m not giving anything away – you’ll just have to go visit yourself on Sunday.  Enter from the lower side (next to Soccer Plus at 103 B Clark Road)  Be sure to follow Yoga Haus on Twitter, with a new facebook page coming soon!  A full before and after Blog will be forthcoming. Congratulations Jason and Stephanie.  Namaste.


3. The past week was taken up with the filming of the Originals 2012 Finalists in 12 categories. We filmed the finalists with my favourite bunch of peeps, Hemmings House Pictures (along with the help of Mike Burchill – thanks Mike!)

Fascinating locations included the new Interaction school of Performing Arts (thanks Kate!), happinez wine bar (thanks Peter!) and the top condo of Harbourview Residencies (thanks Gail and John!).

As with all projects, social media is always a factor and pics were floating around the Originals facebook and twitter accounts freely.  However, Greg Hemmings captured some real beauties. I thought I would share them below.

Stay tuned the second week of April for the launch of the new Originals branding (artwork by Amy Ash, designed by Jessica Rhaye) which will provide the opportunity to announce who will be performing live at the Gala Awards.  The date will also mark the official opening of the Box office and the launch of ticket sales (get yours early…it really did sell out last time!).

Be sure to follow the originals on Twitter and on Facebook.

Photo: Greg Hemmings – The ‘ghosts’ of Germain Street. Finalists for the Popular Music Category: Penny Blacks | Stephanie Mainville | Clinton Charlton

Photo: Greg Hemmings – Filming Philip Savage on site at the Harbourfront Residences.

Photo: Greg Hemmings – Herzl Kashetsky overlooking the city’s beautiful South End.

Photo: Greg Hemmings – A lovely shot of the South End colors.

Photo: Greg Hemmings – Philip Savage photographed with his wooden herd.


A big ‘thank you’ to East Coast Living for including my thoughts on the importance of original art in residential and commercial spaces. And a warm shout out to my client, Dr. Jane Walsh whose office was featured in that piece, along with the art of Raymond Martin from Peter Buckland Gallery.

Please visit this link to read the full article.

Next week I will be sending some exciting TUCK STUDIO updates. In addition, some ‘into the wild‘ updates will be posted too. As always, this blog is intented to be a two way dialogue. Please, I’d love to hear about your projects or any feedback you may have. Write, post, email or tweet me! Thank you for reading.

  • When do you sleep?

    • HI Christie!  usually between the hours of 10 pm and 4 am.- six hours every night!

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